pia volk is a writer. she works as freelancer for several magazines including“die zeit”, “frankfurter rundschau” and “das magazin”. pia is a drifter dedicating herself to topics on the margins of society. fuelled by her desire to be everywhere at once, she studied geography and cultural anthropology and lived in coro (venezuela), gießen (germany), heidelberg (germany) and adelaide (australia). but she found herself trapped by the confines of her own body. finally admitting defeat, she settled down in leipzig in 2007 and studied journalism. the following year she was awarded the “research-prize” by the journalistic magazine “message”. in 2010 pia lived in adelaide where she volunteered at radio adelaide. just after christmas she started heading back towards europe but decided that winter doesn’t agree with her. as avoidance strategy she is exploring the islands in the south pacific with her son. she is writing about their adventures on http://www.mit-rucksack-und-kind.de (it is in german but you might enjoy the photos.)

her radio stories can be found at the wednesday and thursdays edition of “the wire” (www.thewire.org.au) and at “barometer” (www.radiobarometer.com). she also contributes to “the big f”, “breakfast with peter godfrey” and “writers radio”.

a small archive can also be found here.

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