June 16, 2010

"transition of a virgin into a bride" by marchel duchamp

"transition of a virgin into a bride" by marchel duchamp


dear sir or madam (or anything in between – whoever is reading these lines), 

my six year old son has started talking to me in english (me: “kannst du bitte deutsch mit mir reden?”, him: “oh, i didn’t realise i was talking english.”). it made me realise that i also start to integrate the two languages into one. which then made me realise that i should write in the language i am thinking in that particular moment while i am writing. otherwise i am to busy translating one language into the other, and  it all sounds weird and i end up writing pidgin-german which actually is no option at all. so, at the moment, i am in english-mode. 

i am just working on a series on aboriginal stories which take up most of my time, i linked them to the “stories” section above, just in case you are interested in listening. trying to get my head around indigenous issues means that i have to twist my brain even more. i guess, by the time i am back in germay, i ll be a desintegrated something-in-between. 


pia in transition 

by michael luboa

by michael luboa


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